How To File A Tax Return Extension 2019 - 2020

File A Tax Return Extension 2019 - 2020 Tax Filing Deadline

Filing a 2019 - 2020 federal tax return extension form 4868 for personal returns, or form 7004 for business returns must be done on or before the July 15th tax filing deadline for filing your income tax returns. This will extend your tax return filing deadline until Oct 15th, an additional 6 months.

Business Tax Extension Personal Tax Extension

October 15th is the traditional tax return extension filing deadline. However, the IRS does approve extended dates at times where the traditional date falls on a weekend. In this case the IRS will generally extend the tax extension and tax return filing deadlines until the next business day.

Tax Return Extension Filing Deadline Notations

  • A tax extension grants you additional time to prepare and file your tax return, but it does not allow you extra time to pay your taxes due. Your taxes due must be paid by the filing deadline to avoid late payment penalties and interest.
  • IRS late payment penalties are based on the amount you owe in taxes, so if you don't owe additional taxes or your expecting a federal income tax refund, you may not need to file an extension.
  • Once the tax filing deadline has past, you may no longer file a tax extension, However, you can prepare and file your income tax return at any time.
  • Once you have filed, the IRS may apply late fee penalties and interest on any amount of taxes that were owed and unpaid by the tax return filing deadline.
  • You may file your tax extension anytime on or before the tax filing deadline, however, if you didn't file your extension application until the tax due date and it was rejected, you could have fines and penalties due.
  • There is a short grace period for rejected extensions filed on the last day to be corrected and re-filed, generally an additional week (until April 22).
  • You should always file you extension early to allow time to make corrections and re-file should your extension be rejected.

When filing tax extension forms online you can e-file your tax return extension form directly to the IRS for electronic approval. The IRS will notify you by email once your extension has been accepted and granted.

Once approved, you can then file your federal income tax return at anytime on or before the new extended Oct 15th tax filing deadline.

Over 97% of the tax return extensions filed are approved by the IRS and you can prepare and file your extension online in minutes – no reason needed by the IRS.

To file your tax return extension for extra time and avoid penalties and interest you must:

  • Properly estimate your tax liability amount owed.
  • Enter your total tax liability into line 4 of Extension Form 4868.
  • File your extension form by the due date for your income tax return.
  • Pay any taxes owed to avoid late payment penalties and interest.

You will owe interest on any amount of taxes that remain un-paid by the due date of your tax return. Traditionally this is July 15, even if you qualify for the out of country 2-month additional time extension.

So now you it's have a couple choices, you can file for a tax extension or, go online to TurboTax or H&R Block and prepare you return quickly now, it's easy!

File your federal income tax return extension form online and get instant approval to file your form 1040 on or before October 15. Your 1040 Extension Form will take less than 2 minutes to complete and will be filed with the IRS immediately.

The Form The Benefits The Technology
Online. Completed in less than two minutes. You get an emailed copy for your records. No mailing. No long lines at midnight. No worry. Everything is done online. Safe. Secure. Encrypted. Coded. E-filed. One click and it's filed with the IRS.

How to File for an IRS Tax Extension

If you need to file for a tax extension with the IRS to get more time for filing your federal income tax return, there are several different ways you can accomplish this. There are several electronic tax extension filing options, and also the old fashioned method of filling out the form by hand and mailing it to the IRS. However,  on paper. However, with the old fashioned way you have no way to insure that it doesn't get lost in the mail. Here are the options you can choose from.

  • File Electronically using our tax extension links above, it's simple, fast, easy, and inexpensive to get the job done in minutes!
  • Ask your tax professional, CPA or Accountant to prepare an extension for you and he or she will file the necessary form 4868 using tax preparation software.
  • If you use TurboTax Tax Software or something like it (your own tax preparation software) you can do the same thing your tax professional would do by yourself using your PC to file electronically online.
  • Download form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. Fill it out on your PC, print, then mail it to the IRS.
  • Visit your local post office or public library to pick up a blank form and hand fill in the extension form then drop it in the mail to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Use the IRS’s website to file for an extension. This is actually a link from the IRS website to a third party company that is contracted to process electronic tax filings for the iRS. It’s called Free File Fillable Forms.